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nfinity features an advanced procedural engine allowing for a seemingly infinite galaxy of unique star systems and planets to discover and explore, including seamless planetary landing. Infinity offers new and existing players an extensive storyline following the complex and often intricate political and social interactions of hundreds of corporations, organizations, and reputation groups through the games three primary factions: the Centauran, the Deltan Federation, and the Star Fold Confederacy.

Infinity employs an open-ended world design, in which a player can control everything from a small shuttle to massive military dreadnaught, a single mining operation to an entire vast corporate empire, all without having to change characters. A completely player-skill based game design, Infinity sheds the need for character classes and skills by embracing self-balance over arbitrary limitation, allowing players to choose their own path to make their name across the galaxy.

Although all players are expected to act in concordance with their personal motivations, Infinity is not a traditional role playing game. The actions of a single player greatly affect the evolution of their character. Your character might grow from their humble beginnings as a young military officer to become the master of a vast corporate empire, or even a wanted mercenary and pirate.

The game mechanics do not emphasize any particular game play style - combat, trade, exploration, social relationships, you are free to choose your own path and goals. Players can choose from a number of interesting character backgrounds that serve as your characters personal history, circumstances, and setting in the Infinity universe to help ground new players in their new boundless horizon of stars. The only limit is your own imagination!

Combat in Infinity functions in real-time, utilizing Newtonian physics to control the fluid realistic movements of player ships and objects. Where the outcome of combat is determined by your own intelligence and reflexes. Not the level and class of another player!

Like all massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, you will connect to an online server shared by thousands of other players at any time. But, unlike other MMOs, the Infinity universe is an entirely persistent. The actions of your characters do not stop when you log off - as the actions of your characters continue to progress and evolve, even while you are offline.

By utilizing the advanced procedural techniques of the I-Novae Engine, Infinity has unshackled itself from the limitations of its forbearers, allowing for the dynamic generation of countless star systems and planets, each unique and awaiting to be discovered by a player. Drawing upon plausible astronomic scales and distances of stellar objects, the precise orbital path of every celestial body is modeled, as each planet and star moves continuously within the galaxy. Allowing players to glimpse the double sunrise of a binary star system on some distant rocky world, to the total eclipse of a tiny moon orbiting a massive gas giant thousands of light years from your home planet - every vista, every horizon is wholly unique in Infinity.
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